Sunday, February 26, 2012


love it.

      I have two cats, Tux and Tiger.  They are sisters from the same litter.  A stray cat hid her newborn litter in our doghouse.  One day we found them and I said 'oh I want one.' My dad said 'no, these are wild and not good as pets.'  Okay, that answer seemed to satisfy me.  Well the next day, I went out with my aide to put some food out. She caught Tux and put her in my lap. Tux fell asleep in my lap and my dad's theory went out the window. So they said I could have one. Well, I actually need two, lol, so they can play together. And the rest is history.
      Tiger and Tux have completely different personalities.  Tiger is like the big sister of the two, even tho they're the same age. Tiger is friendlier, easy going and more adventurous.  We had a covered playpen in here, when they were kittens, for them to sleep in at night.  Tiger crawled out all the time, Tux not once.  Tux is partial to who she likes, a bully with the dog and a lil demanding.  She loves to lay flat on her back, anywhere.
      The caption above is what I think Tiger must say to Tux every morning.  Tux is like a 9o'clock wakeup call that you didn't request, lol. She cries at the bottom of the stairs to be fed. If Tiger goes over to her to tell her to have a lil patience, she gets a bold HISS in the face.
      So is this blog about getting up on the right side of the bed or patiently waiting for things or both?  Of course, it's both.  It's easy, I know, to get up with the attitude of 'I want what I want and right now' and when that doesn't happen, our mood goes sour.  All I can say is take a deep breath, hold your horses and cool your engines.  Tux has yet to starve and I bet you won't either.