Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Bus

     I thought I'd go down the memory lane of jr. high since school is starting for alot of kids on Monday. Riding the bus is a big part of a kid's day. For the most part, I only had to ride it home. Thankfully, my mom usually dropped me off in the mornings. [Once in her yellow robe, aghh, lets just say I had her drop me off in a location with no one around quickly, lol] I had a great bus driver, Mr.Dare. He lives down the street from me and that helped out when I got on the wrong bus one time. They give you your bus number and then when you go out to get on, there's ten buses with different numbers out there. Mine was what? The bus was not easy for me to get on or off of. Thats how I learned time management early on. I would figure out when I could do homework during the next day so I wouldnt have to carry alot home on the bus. This is not a fool proof system, lol. I had a friend, Lily, who would carry my books onto the bus for me so I could get on easier. Getting off the bus is no picnic either, I bit the dust on more than one occasion. The older boy who lived down the street helped gather up my stuff for me. My ego was left there on the side of the road, lol. My dog, Bosco, was always there waiting for me as I crossed the street and that made everything good again.
     So to all the kids riding the bus Monday, good luck.