Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day 2013


     'One day a year is simply not enough to show any person his or her value in our sight. Our mothers should know that they can count on our unconditional love, our listening ear when they offer guidance, and our sympathy when they express needs. Let’s make every day a mother’s day.'
     Happy Mother's Day to my mom with pictures of before I was blessed with you.  Sometimes we need reminded of the little girl inside the mom and hope that all her dreams have and will come true.  'Being a mom is a sacred partnership with God.' A godly foundation will support a mom through all the meals to be made, the laundry to be done, and all the chaos of being a mom. I love you, Mom.

Bobbie, Ollie, Robbie

Nancy, Ann, John
Roy, Ollie, Syble, Morene
Robbie, Bobbie, Patty [out of view]