Thursday, April 19, 2012


Peanuts: Celebrate the little things

     I first want to say this blog is not written for any particular person but go ahead and put your steel toe boots on now before reading further. [giggle]  I think this blog topic is a theme that strikes a chord with many of us.
     The caption above says 'Celebrate' the little things.  It does not say focus on or get caught up on the little things.  How many times does something little, drive you bonkers and practically consume all your thoughts?  What if a kind word said to you highlighted your day as much as a snide remark ruined your day?  Our focus is often on what's not right than with what is.  A good habit to practice on is to find positives in a negative situation.  Yes, it can be done. We must also learn to let things go.  Don't dwell on it till someone feels like telling you 'Enough already.'  Ask yourself  'is this really going to matter a year from now?'
     Celebrating the little things means taking nothing for granted.  Another day of life, a phone call from a friend, slowing down before the cop saw you, or tripping but not falling on your face.  These are just a few simple little things to do a lil happy dance over, like Woodstock is doing above.
     Sing it with me, 'Celebration time, c'mon.'