Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sing in the Dark

        Well our sermon this morning was on 'Singing in the Darkness--Psalm 77.'   ''I cried out to God for help; I cried out to God to hear me.''  How true this was for me after last night.
       My 14 pound cat, Tiger, sleeps in my bed almost every night.  I like it because she has a keen eye for any bug, cricket or spider on the bed.  At 230am last night, she was walking in the bed checking out the new fall decorations on the headboard.  I was awake but did not forsee what was about to happen.  She came over to me and completely laid her whole body on my good arm.  AGHH.. I can't move and she wouldn't budge at all.  I tried to reach my buzzer but it moved further away with each try.  I broke out into a sweat as I reverted back and forth between panic and prayer.  Remaining calm and diligent prayer are the secrets to success in any stressful situation.  After a 30 minute struggle, my arm was free from the weight of my fat cat.
        Prayer does move mountains and does give you needed strength.  I know that singing His praises in dark times is what we need to do but I'll admit this was a true test for me.