Saturday, November 10, 2012

Monkey See, Monkey Do

     Okay I think I need more than two hands to apply this caption to my self control resources.  It's hard not to judge, discern appropriately, and be a positive influence all at once with others.  I saw a sign yesterday that said 'you cannot hide your influence.'  That is true, whether you're a good or bad influence.  Your actions affect people, sometimes even from far away.
     'Flaws'... it is always easier to be a fault finder with others.  We harp on things that don't matter and don't let it go.  Yet our own mistakes are just overlooked and easily forgotten.
     'Discern'....use your brain people.  Listen to people you respect and have a godly influence in your life.  Just because something is said doesn't make it true or right.
     'Be kind'..  the frontal lobe of our brain is a built in filter, don't bypass it.  Kind words are comforting.  Unkind words held back takes self control and not giving in to your full vent of anger.
     'Look for good'.... avoid negativity.  You can always find something good in others, just focus on a positive.
     'Gossip'...  we all know things that are 'dark' about others but it isn't right to be the voice of it to all. We shouldn't use our knowledge to be a spreader of negativity, take it to the Lord in prayer.
      'Encourage'...  may all our words be uplifting and of benefit to those that hear them.  Love one another in speech and actions.