Friday, February 1, 2013

Don't Hesitate


     Well Karla and I were out saving yesterday.  That's our code word for shopping.  We had been in Target  buying our needs and wants.  While unloading our basket, she found my emery board that I intended to purchase.  She asked me if she should take it back in to pay for it.  I hesitated with my answer, even tho I knew the right thing to do.  Yes, I thought about how much time we had left and was it worth the trouble to have Karla go back in.  The devil was working quickly with my mind.  Karla interrupted my hesitation with 'you know God doesn't like ugly.'  We then agreed for her to go back in and make it right.
      Right is right and wrong is wrong.  There is no in between.  Sin tries to justify a wrong into an acceptable form but that doesn't make it anymore right.  Be quick to say yes and make all actions involving you pleasing to God.  Hesitation is only needed when preventing a wrong decision, not when doing what is right.