Friday, November 25, 2011

Midnight Shopping

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     So my dad took me to Kohl's at midnight for some crazy shopping.  You wouldn't believe how many people there were out there in that 40 degree weather.  My dad asked me before we even parked on the outskirts of the lot, if I still wanted to go. YES.  I figured by the time we parked and got out, that the line would be gone and everyone in the store. Wrong, two lines with only one moving.  Let me stop here and preface this by saying.. I know Ive spoke of putting others first but in crowds like these, you're on your own  Actually I was on the receiving end of that kind of grace. A lady and a family in front of her told us we could go in with them, even after the cop told me to go to the end of the line.  So I was happy to join their group.  We went in and shopped about an hour.  As I was trying to look near the petite section, there were all these people standing there. I asked, 'what are they doing?'  It was the line to checkout all the way back there.  I just kept shopping till I inadvertanly wound up back in the front of the store.  Well, much to my surprise I saw a checkout register with only two people that were together standing at it . How cool is that? So I got right up there. I thought she must have just opened the register or those people in that long line are just following the crowd and not looking. I just chalked it up as a blessing because I was running out of air.  After I checked out, my dad said 'you know you cut in line just then.'  What?  He said there was a worker directing people from that long line into the four registers. Well, I never saw them.  There is an advantage to a scooter with a low vantage  Well I didn't buy the store out but it was fun shopping with a couple of bonuses that made it faster and easier. 
     If you're wondering if I went shopping on Black Friday during the day, no I didn't.  Think I'm crazy?  lol I'm waiting for Cyber Monday........haha.