Sunday, December 4, 2011

One Pair of Hands

     When I look at my own hands, I see and feel how weak they are. How foolish it is to rely on their strength in sickness and in health. The One who created these hands with His own two hands is stronger than anything.  His hands made everything in this world.  It is one creative masterpiece that we get to enjoy and marvel at.  As the song above says, he formed the mountains to the rivers to the moon in the sky.  That one pair of hands has the power to heal and provide for all of our needs. Those precious hands also suffered thru the piercing of nails on the cross for us. What a promise we have from His hands to resurrect us after our physical death here on this earth.  All that His hands have done, are doing and will do is out of His deep love for us.
     So why wouldn't you put your faith into such powerful, creative, loving hands?  God's got the whole world in His hands.  Put your whole heart into His one pair of hands.