Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cousin Time

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    My cousin, Jamie, and I grew up together and are the closest of all the cousins.  I am two years older but that didn't matter back then or now.  We both have a great sense of humor but he is the best joke teller I know.  He can always make me laugh.
    He and his wife, Janet, came by to see me this afternoon.  We shared stories of both past and present.  It is funny to hear stories of what others remember of the past.  He said he could not hear the song 'Abracadabra' by the Steve Miller band without thinking of me.  He said when we were about 6 and 8yrs old that we were listening to the radio on my boom box.  He had never seen a boombox and thought 'I gota get one of those.'  As we were listening, I said 'if Abracadabra comes on I might just go crazy.'  I probably scared the lil guy because he said today 'he didn't know what that meant' and he thought 'Im going to feel that way in 2yrs.'  Haha...this makes me laugh and it totally sounds like us.
     Thanks for the memory Jamie and all of our good times together.