Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Way Back Wednesday

The driveway

Before the pool, driveway and sunroom

Before the deck, carport and
basement renovation

View from the road before
removing 60 trees

The backyard

     This is where we moved to about 28 years ago.  My dad's aunt and uncle lived across the street since he was a little boy.  He dreamed of owning it one day and the dream came true on a 2nd try.  My parents couldn't afford it the first time they made an offer so they waited a few years and tried again.  I remember us looking at some other houses and this one just looked like alot of work.  My 12 yr old eyes could not see the vision they had in mind.  I did my share of blade work and trailer hauling with our riding lawnmower on these 2.5 acres.  I'd say it all worked out after all.
      Don't you think this is how God sees us?  A tangled mess that needs alot of His work in our lives but yet with a vision of a beautiful ending.  Of course, maintenance is required thru His word, prayer and our fellowship with other believers.  Thankfully, He thinks we are worth the trouble too.