Sunday, October 27, 2013


Psalm 32:10

    Did you miss me?  Sorry, but 4 days in the hospital were not optimal conditions for blogging.  Now that I'm home, I can share how God was faithful to me all the way.
     I was blessed with great doctors.....Dr. Swindell-ER, Dr. Aulsten-gyn, Dr. Henson-gen md, Dr. Kellar-consult, and Dr. McClain-anesthesiologist.  My outstanding nurses were Rebecca-er, Janell-2a floor, and Becky-operating room.  All of the staff that took care of me were caring and fantastic.  Oh, and Carl from respiratory who took the only blood gas from me that has ever gotten a 'good job' comment out of me.
    Yes, the last four days have included moments of fear and pain most of all but in the end there was peace.  The verse that I repeated in my head over and over was 'When I am afraid, I will trust in the Lord alone.'  Does it mean it was easy or tearless?  No, but it helped peace of mind come to me faster.  When I went into surgery, there was no fears or tears.
     When we are put in scary, unfamiliar situations, that is when we are tested to see who we believe is in true control of our lives.  The decision to have me sedated was a real test of leaving it in God's hands.  He was faithful and things couldn't have gone better.  God's timing was clear and perfect too.  My breathing was at its best and I had been off my blood thinner enough days to allow surgery to be possible.
     May we all recognize how God's love surrounds us and gets us through both the easy and hardest of days.