Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Friends Day



         Today was a friend filled day.  My friend, Charlene, was here last night and this morning.  My friend, Karla, was back today... Hallelujah Amen.  My friends, Betsy and Jessica, each brought their set of kids over for a playdate.  They brought me Peeps and guacamole as my very own special treats...yum.
        After an afternoon of puzzles, snacks and playing golf together, the kids hugged each other [on their own] before leaving.  What an important lesson of what friendship is that they are learning.  'Love one another' is teachable at any age.
       F.R.I.E.N.D.S...........[Fight for you].My friend, Zack, reminded me awhile back about how he stood up for me in junior high against a bully.  [Respect you].. My friends respect me just as I am.  [Include you].. Even tho I can't attend everything I'd like to, my friends still ask me.  [Encourage you]  My friends are consistent joy boosters to me.  [Need you]  My friends make me feel wanted in their lives.  [Deserve you]  My friends are given by grace.  [Stand by you]  My friends will back me up, pick me up, and lift me up whenever I need it.
      I hope these little ones are life long friends that will follow this motto with all their friends.