Monday, July 8, 2013


"DO TODAY'S DUTY, FIGHT TODAY'S TEMPTATION; do not weaken and distract yourself by looking forward to things you cannot see, and could not understand if you saw them." ~ Charles Kingsley

    Can anybody tell me when your 'someday' will be?  We put off things because often we are uncertain of how to make it happen, wrong timing or just pure procrastination.  That's your choice but don't fool yourself into thinking your lack of planning calls for an emergency on someone else's part.  There are deadlines in this world and time management is key to making those less stressful.
    'Someday' is a familiar date on the non-Christian's calendar.  Many people live on borrowed time with an eternal risk at stake.  Someday we will all die physically.  Don't race with the clock and try to beat it.  Choose to live your life for and with,not someday.