Monday, June 25, 2012

Chattanooga 1

sea dragon


    Well last Wednesday was the first day of summer so we headed to Chattanooga, TN for a summer vacation.  As always before we head out on a big journey, we pray for safety and blessings for the trip.  I can say we had a great time and no problems.
     We got off to a late start, 2pm, but that's not unusual for us.  As they say, that's the way we roll.  We arrived at 230am EST.  This was our first trip with a GPS and the guide chick is good but not perfect.  So she took us thru a trailer park in these wee hours of the morning at first instead of the rv park, a few feet further down the road.  We get to the rv park without a reservation and proceeded to trespass and take an open spot.  They didn't care the next day and even tho they were booked up, they found us a spot.
     So Thursday, we went to the TN Aquarium for four hours.  It is quite impressive with a freshwater building and a saltwater building.  Its much more than fish.  They have turtles, frogs, snakes, butterflies, penguins, jellyfish, seahorses, birds and more.  You start at the top floor then cascade down ramps to each floor with different exhibits.  My two favorite things were the sea dragons and the penguins.  The sea dragons look like the creatures from the movie, Avatar.  I'd never seen anything like it.  The penguins were so playful.  They even had a baby penguin there.
     Later that evening, we drove to Lookout Mtn to catch the sunset.  We also drove around to check out the sites on the mountain.  One of which was the Craven house.  Its a battle site where the Union took possession of a key territory.
     I'm going to continue my trip story on tomorrow's post.  I've included some pictures from this first day on here.  So see you tomorrow.