Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Visit

     I am a people person and being with friends can always lift my spirits.  I am not a hermit or a recluse because I need social interaction, almost as much as I need air.  Today, Charlene was here for awhile and will return later.  Tori was here all day to keep me going.  Cathy drove over 40 minutes to come spend some needed catch up time visiting with me.  Facebook time is just not enough for us.  Then Betsy and her kids came over for some fun outdoor time.  I think Hank would've preferred the A/C but he got out voted.
     Happiness is a choice and I it's an easy choice with friends like these.  Dale Carnegie says, 'Happiness doesn't depend on our external circumstances but on our mental attitude.'  Yes, that's true and I need reminded of that sometimes but it is a lot easier to be happy with friends around.