Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shine On

     I have wanted to write this blog for some time now but have waited for the right caption to go with the story.
     My friend's mother, Paula, found out that her neighbor was in desperate need of a kidney transplant.  Paula wanted to do whatever she could to help her so she participated by signing up on the organ donor list.  She didn't know how or who it would help.  Well the Cleveland Clinic found several matches, 8 I think, where it would work like a chain reaction.  On Feb. 14, 2012, Paula's kidney went to someone in California but as part of the swap, her neighbor got a kidney too.
      I asked Paula how she could literally give so much of her self to someone else?  She said she felt blessed with good health from God and that He would protect her in wherever it took her.  She also realized He might call her home sooner by doing this but that was okay too if this brought Him glory.
     What an example of light to others in this dark world of selfishness.  I hope the organ donation story has/will touch so many people thru all of its duration as an example of 'love your neighbor as thyself' to the n-th degree. 
     May you be a shining example today in whatever you do to help someone else out....shine on!