Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Way Back Wednesday--Revved Up

On top of  the world

Sand dunes at Burns Park



      When I see these pictures, guess what song pops into my head?  'Glory Days' by Bruce Springsteen.  Yes, I could have been the next Danica Patrick on three wheels.  We have a picture somewhere with me in mid-air on my three wheeler.
      My dad bought me a motorized wheeler when I was two but my mom thought I was too little for my own wheels at the time.  So at age 7, I got my own Honda 150 three wheeler.  I guess it wasn't my first ride because I had a go-cart prior to this.  Okay, so this was my first wheels to fly with..ha. I couldn't shift gears with my foot so my dad attached a metal stick to the gear shifter. Now I was all set.
     So here in lies my need for speed!  The power at your fingertips gives a thrill like no other.  The splash of the mud on your face and clothes is like a shower of joy.  I wouldn't trade the memories for anything.
     You might be wondering why the helmet isn't on my head while I'm riding?  Of course, I had the 'NO FEAR' covered and my parents knew 'God was near.'  I usually wore my helmet, unlike my seatbelt later on.
     A friend of mine asked me the other day 'if I was a wild child?'  In some ways, I'd have to say yes. God knows our hearts and He knew my adventurous heart.  Have you ever wondered how many guardian angels are assigned to you?  I think I have an army watching my back.  THANKFULLY.