Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Cats don't worry. They dream. :)

     Have you ever stopped to think about things you've worried about in the past?  Did things not turn out for good, even if the journey wasn't easy?  'Worry is a misuse of imagination.'  I know I've thought of the craziest what-if scenarios but you can go insane with that kind of thinking.
     'Worry is a burden God never meant for us to bear.'  He wants us to hand it over to Him because He is the controller over each of our worlds.  Worry is a cycle to nowhere.  'What worries you masters you.'
     Nothing in life is final, except death.  You can rebuild, you can try again, or change your ways but there are second chances out there.  If there is one thing to truly worry about then it's your eternal destiny.  If you are unsure or following wrong ideas, then you need to shine some Light into that shadow.  People often do sweat the small stuff but put off thoughts that truly matter.  Worry, like when you're in a hurry, leads only to a scurry and a fury.
    Worry will steal your joy and keep you busy doing nothing. Worry will also keep you preoccupied in a holding pattern until you see what God had planned all along.