Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting the Job

     I know I've written about obstacles before but life isn't a smooth ride. I want to show the rewards of pushing through them with examples from my life. One such example was my job.
     The first day I went to pick up an application, I went alone. They had a double door entry that you couldn't see thru and I couldn't get the first door open. It was too heavy. I didn't want them to see me, that'd be a bad first impression, so I left. I went back the next day with Marc's help with the door. He waited in the van. I went up to the counter and said who I was and was there to pick up an application. Sandy, the receptionist, said the boss would like to meet you. Frantically, I said 'But I'm not dressed for an interview???' She said its okay, you're fine. I met the boss, veternarian Dr. Dana. I was nervous at first but his laid back persona calmed my fears. He even told me of a friend of his in Colorado with a similar voice problem. He said I was just what they were looking for but they had governmental procedures to go thru before they could hire anyone so it'd be about a 6week wait. He promised to contact me. I was beaming and so glad Marc was in the van. I said, 'I really think I got it.'
    I waited patiently with hope. We went to AR for Memorial weekend with my in-laws. On a pay phone, my parents called saying Dr. Dana is looking for me and is going to call soon. He called and asked when I could start. Monday? Ok, see you then.
     I worked part time for 6 months. I woke up one morning with my leg so swollen, I couldn't get my brace on. I ended up in the hospital with a blood clot. My boss and co-workers came to visit me in the hospital. After my co-workers left, my boss brought out papers for me to sign to make me full-time. Who does that? Here I am with an unknown future and he's offering me a permanent job? As I signed the papers, I was amazed, overwhelmed and grateful. The risk he took in me paid off from 1996-2001.
     You can identify the bumps in the story and the payoffs that resulted. Be pursuant, be patient, be diligent and be thankful in everything. God has it all worked out, you just have to trust Him.