Friday, August 9, 2013

Lovely Lunch

Friends Are A Blessing

    Somedays God wants us to be patient in waiting for a better day ahead.  That was yesterday and it was rough but today is much better in every way.  My friend, Betsy, was checking on me thru facebook and offered to bring lunch.  She is an excellent cook and you'd have to be stupid to turn down one of her meals.  She asked what I'd like but I knew any suggestion of mine would fall short of her ideas.  She brought tilapia, homemade guacamole w/scoops, mango and sweet tea.  To top it off, her sister Tori made her famous chocolate chip scones that melt in your mouth.  No bakery has her beat.  No pictures because it looked so good that we devoured it faster than a flash.
   So from my perspective being sick does have its perks but that's only because I have friends with the heart of giving. Thanks ladies!