Thursday, July 11, 2013

Who Called?

Charlie Brown

    Have you ever received a phone call from someone who is just a 'taker?'  Do you use your caller ID for those calls and not pick up?  We all know the feeling of being used and it's not a good feeling.  A simple 'thank you' is often all we want in return. It's been said 'to consider yourself the light to someone when the darkness surrounds them and they think of you for help.'
    Well Charlie Brown reminds us here that God wants to hear from us in both our wants and our appreciative thoughts.  'If you only pray when you're in trouble, then you're in trouble.'  Prayer is free, wireless, hands free communication that's available all the time so what's stopping you?  Do you dare admit it is you?
    'There are many Christians who think that they prove their love for the Lord by going to church, tithing their income, and sharing the gospel. All these things are important, but actions are empty unless we are connecting with God personally on a regular basis. Believers often rationalize by saying they are too busy. We tell ourselves, I just need to finish a few things, and then I’ll pray and read the Bible, but there always seems to be a new task to replace each completed one. We must choose to make time for the Lord.' []