Thursday, March 21, 2013


    Okay, I'm going to try to write this post with 'class' but I don't guarantee anything.  I think there should be a class on 'class' because it's a rare find.  We all try to have class but of the three things above, we usually fail in one area.
    'Knowing what to say' is the first step.  Is it true, helpful, important, necessary, kind......THINK it thru first.  Always be encouraging and kinder than necessary.  Sure there have been times I've wanted to use this blog to vent but is that really what I want to pass on to others?  No.  What I say should uplift others.
    'When to say it' is important because timing can be everything.  Just because it popped in your head doesn't mean it's always the right time for it to pop out of your mouth.  Sometimes I have to be careful that my blog post isn't reflective of a recent event and therefore someone could take it personally.
     'When to stop' is the hardest for people, I think.  Get to the point or you're going to lose me halfway.  People get caught up in the details when the listener just wants the overall picture.  Some people think my blogs are too short, while others like the brevity of them.  I think we remember things better that are short and that make us think, like Psalm 23 or the chorus of a hymn.
     So I can say for myself that my writing might be in a more upper class form than my everyday speech but that just proves how if we 'think' about our words then we can be a little classier.