Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yea, I Wish

    Yes, not all of us have that 'let's go workout' gene in our DNA but instead we have the 'let's go get something to eat' gene.  Eating is enough of a workout for me in that it can make my heart rate go up to 140 at times.  True, I feel rewarded after both exercising and eating but really which is more fun--eating obviously.  When I say obviously, I'm referring to my jeans reaching their limit.
    So what if we took a twist on this caption.  ''I wish exercising 'my faith' was as easy as eating 'my blessings'.''  Hmm, how true is that?  We have no trouble taking and enjoying what we are given but yet our trust in Him and giving back is not always an immediate response.  Could you do without the blessings as much as you do without your faith?  I think it's a symbiotic relationship between the two.
    You will reap what you sow......and if I ever doubt that, my waistline reminds me.  [Yes, I know I'm not the best example but we must look at ourselves before pointing the finger.]