Monday, March 2, 2015

Keep the Negativity Quiet

Life is Beautiful

                   Who ever said, ''I need more negativity in my life''....... no one ever!  I believe there are two kinds of people, encouragers and discouragers.... which are you?  No one is given the right to put other people down thru name calling, labels or snide remarks.  When a person makes ugly remarks, it is more of a reflection of ugly on them alone.
                  Some people don't watch the news because of all the negative effect on their minds, so why do we breed negativity in our lives?  Low self esteem, anxiety, and stress are some reasons but I think the root cause is that it's just a bad, bad habit.  I think we all need to screen our thoughts before they become our words.
                 And #11 - Don't compare yourself to others - we all accomplish goals in life at different speeds.