Saturday, July 21, 2012

I Am..


     Sometimes the world kicks us down so far, we forget who we really are.  I thought this caption was a good reminder to get us women of faith back on track.  When we try to be the supplier of everybody's needs, we can tend to lose ourselves.  The day's tasks may seem tedious and never ending but we must see it as part of His plan for us.  We should be humble yet as confident in our ability to do His will as He sees us to do it.
     My friend came over without makeup and she said 'I guess you love me anyways, even without it?  Yes, of course.'  Real beauty is in the heart and shines through anything you can try to add.
     If you're feeling a little on the down side, remember all the benefits of being one of His chosen.  There is no greater reward than for Him to call you 'friend.'  He made you beautiful, worthwhile, and with a plan in mind so that you are never alone.  Cling to those good thoughts when the world puts you down.  When you're feeling down, look up for His faithfulness.