Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Way Back Wednesday-- Things Change


      These are pictures from 2004? when Charlene and I went to Cancun, MX by ourselves.  We stayed at an all inclusive resort right on the beach in downtown Cancun.
       Times have really changed in the past 8 years.  Back then, we had no real fear of danger being in Mexico. We went one night walking around the downtown area till after 10pm.  You can see how dark it is from the pictures.  There was no thought of kidnappers or drug thugs on our minds, just fun.  Now the threat of danger in Mexico keeps us from even going there to vacation.
       My health has also changed over the past eight years.  While we were down there, Charlene went parasailing from off of a boat by herself.  I stayed back at the resort alone to watch and thought nothing about it.  My health now would not let me feel at ease enough to be left alone for that long.
       One thing that hasn't changed is our friendship.  We are as strong as ever as friends despite whatever hardships or obstacles that we encounter in this life.  We've had some memorable moments over the years and hopefully more to come.
       Cherish the people in your life, friends or family, because memories are priceless.