Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Try It


     Today's post marks the end of angie'sthat'sthat, volume 1.  I'm compiling all of the blogs over the past year into a book.  I can tell you that I started this blog from scratch and it is obvious from my first month of blogs.  As with anything you find a passion for, it has developed into more than I ever could have dreamed of.  I could have given into my doubts about myself, like Moses, and said I'm not a writer and who will even want to listen to my thoughts.  I think God opened a door for me tho and I've been blessed through doing the blog more than any reader.
     I want to encourage you to try new things that you've ever thought about doing.  The first step to anything is to try.  Don't expect to master it in the beginning.  Just see if you enjoy it and then it will develop from there.  I'm sure Picasso's first painting wasn't his best but he found a love for painting itself.  You may just find a blessing hidden behind your fear to try, so go for it.