Wednesday, September 28, 2011

One Year Ago

     Well it was one year ago today that I went into the hospital and wasn't sure I'd come out. That was a day of seeing the doctor, having a bronchoscopy, non-stop coughing, an ambulance ride and a very long night of near suffocation. I asked my doctor, 'will I ever get back to where I was before?'  He said, 'it'll be a long road.'  Well that's not only true but an understatement. God has been merciful to me by giving me this past year. He has also used me to show His strength, comfort and power thru prayer to myself and to others. I've learned alot on this journey of recovery about fear, trust, patience and His timing. No one would have questioned it if I had been called home that day but apparently I am still in His plans with work to do. What He gives, I'll gladly take and what He takes, I'll gladly give.            Blessed beyond measure every day.