Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Changing Weather

     If you've lived in Arkansas, you know the weather can change on a dime. Today the high is 90 and the high tomorrow is forecasted to be 73. I'm not complaining, I think it just gives you a taste of the near future. Its wise to watch the weather so you're not unaware and caught out in it.
     One of our favorite places to fish, while in MO, was Lake Springfield. Its like a very small river that opens up to a small lake. One beautiful, sun shiny day we loaded up to go fish for awhile. The boat, the poles, the dog, the CD player and we're all set. It was a great day so we decided to go down, for the first time, to the large open part of the lake. We fished along the way. To the west is a large cliff that hinders any view past it. After getting to the open area, we see a huge dark cloud headed our way. We decided to fish just 5 more minutes, then we'll head back. Well that cloud was on us faster than a tick on a coon dog in July. I was on the high seat in back with no life jacket on and there was no time to get me down. Marc had one hand on the wheel driving and one hand holding on to mine, so I wouldn't fly out. The winds were blowing and we saw a whirlwind in the park to the east of us. We couldn't make it back in time! We headed for the trees on the other side so we could get outa the boat. Marc jumped out into waist deep sludge. As he was trying to get me out, the tree in front of us started to crack. With the high winds, we thought it was gona fall on us. So, back in the boat..not that we had gotten far, the sludge was thicker than wet concrete. We raced across the lake to the boat launch and huddled under a tree until it was over. As we drove home, soaking wet and covered in mud, we saw trees down all over Springfield. There had been 80 mph winds that day. If that's not mercy, I don't know what is.
     Who knew? We sure didn't. Looks can be deceiving, even with the weather. Be smart, be aware. The weather can catch you off guard, just like that.