Friday, December 28, 2012

Dessert and Everything Else

Irony, delicious irony

    Well if there is any two weeks of the year that I want to be on prednisone, then it is the two weeks surrounding Christmas.  It literally changes my brain and body to eat more than I ever's great.  My aunt made me a chocolate pie and I've eaten all of it myself minus one piece I shared.
    When my body is stressed by a cold, then my go to for relief is often the steroid, prednisone.  Often people seek relief from stress with food, and likely desserts.  YUM.  Luckily I'm only under the weather occasionally or I'd be a
     Where do you turn for stress relief?  Prayer can change your mind and body responses too.  It opens us up to thoughts beyond our own.  It can clear our pathways to direct us in a new light.  Remember, the power of prayer never goes out.