Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Make It Special


                 'Life is what you make it.'  I totally believe this and opportunities await you everyday.  We were in the Rivermarket area yesterday, for the second time this week, so we decided to go by Brown Sugar Bakeshop.  At first glance, the bakeshop looks inaccessible because of the stairs but there is an alternative route to get in.  Sure I could have waited in the van and Karla could have got our order with a lot less trouble, but it's just not the same experience.  There were signs to be seen, smells to tempt our senses and people to interact with.
                It is up to you to decide how your days will be spent..enjoyed or wasted.  When you look back at your past, will you have fun memories or wasted regrets?  I can honestly say that if I died today, that I've had a full and blessed life.  We should all have had goals that we've met because of our inner desires and motivations to accomplish them.
               We should never let something be an imposition to what we want to do.  Just get off the sidelines and get into the game of life.  Life is not just a matter of survival, but one to be truly lived.  Time waits for no one, so live now before it's over.