Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Spirit Within

     Yesterday I was watching a show that dealt with death.  The spouse was mourning over the body of her husband.  While I recognize the loss of a person's physical presence, it is the spirit and soul of a person that we truly love.  It is important to focus on the life of a person, not the death. As C.S. Lewis says 'we are not a body, we are a soul in a body.'  We need to accept and recognize how fast we will all wither away, just like a flower.  However we are taken home is not what we want to be remembered for.  I don't anyway.  Maybe my blog book will help loved ones remember good times and what was important enough to me to write about.
     No one can sustain their health on their own or forever.  God has sustained me beyond what human minds could ever predict.  His Spirit lives in me and through me.  Only He knows when our numbered days are over.
     I just wanted to write this because I know death is tough but it shouldn't shut you down and out of life.  I know this happens but no one would wish that for the living.  Believers can just look forward to that 'glad reunion day' because 'I've got a mansion just over the hilltop' and 'we will meet on that beautiful shore.'