Sunday, December 23, 2012

Joy in my Heart and Apartment


    Jelly is the only thing that makes a peanut butter sandwich edible to me and I like lots of it.  Joy is what makes life bearable and I like lots of it too.  So Saturday night, I was visited by the FBF carolers and what joy boosters they are.  From ages 5 to over 75, it is great to see people spreading the spirit of Christmas all around the community.  Yes they visit the retirement center and other homes to spread the joy around.  I not only got music to my ears but goodies for my belly.
    The joy didn't end when they left because I also received tonight a new cd by the soon to be famous 'REAL Entertainers.'  They are four young sisters who play the accordion, penny whistle, violin and harmonica.  They use their talents to spread joy at all different kinds of events and elderly centers.  I listened to my cd and enjoyed it very much.  Tiger even came out from under the bed and sat in front of my jukebox to get prime acoustical sound for herself.  I think she approved.
     May you do your best to be the jelly of joy to the belly of the world.  Spread it on thick.