Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Way Back Wednesday---Blue Hawks Mascot

     Here I am in the 4th grade as the mascot for the Blue Hawks football team in Stuttgart.  I don't remember how this came to be.  I recall the cheerleaders as being a little bit older than me but somehow they let me be the younger mascot.  I couldn't do their flips and jumps but I did get to join in with them on the cheers.  The two cheers I remember are 'Pork chop, pork chop, greasy, greasy, we can beat your team easy easy' and 'Our team is red hot, just look what we got, we got T-E-A-M...yea team.'  I do remember it as very fun to be a part of something.  I think uniforms of any kind give you a sense of belonging to something special.
     Maybe I've always been an encourager, I'm not sure.  I have though always wanted to be a participator.  I'm not a bench warmer by choice. It's never been my goal to be number one at physical activities but just to play a part.  We played kickball in elementary P.E. class and my goal was never to score a point.  It was to kick the ball in the opposite direction and maybe make it to first base.  That's making the most out of reality.
     Even with my limitations today, I want to participate.  Sometimes I even join in by volunteering my dad on my  I think it's important to be involved with something.  I can't sign up for the cleaning schedule at church but instead I found a project that I could do... missionary prayer requests.
    You can sit on the sidelines and watch the world pass by.. and it will.. or you can get involved and have some fun.