Friday, October 9, 2015

Anchored In

whether your anchors are people, places, ideas, or truths. take them out and weigh them every once in awhile. you'll be surprised to find that you are always growing and shifting and changing. be true to who you are becoming.:

                    From Rick Warren....''The Bible teaches us that there are 3 kinds of storms in life..those that we bring on ourselves [like Samson], those that God causes [like Lake Galilee] and those caused by others [like when Paul n Silas were put in prison].
                   Is God your anchor and guide through these storms in your life?  Impatience is often our catalyst for heading straight into a storm.  Our feelings about our circumstances is another misleader in our lives, because our emotions are volatile and easily swayed.  We also get into trouble by following worldly opinions, rather than God's unchanging Word.
                  If God is THE anchor for your mind, soul and body, then you have a hope that is unfailing, unconditional and ever lasting..... what a blessing.

Thursday, October 8, 2015


CHILD OF THE STAR BREATHER — a good way to live:

            ''Grace, grace, God's grace... grace that is greater than all my sin.''  Are we grace givers or fault finders?  We are not called to be like other Christians, but to be like Christ.  His way is the only way.
             We are all sinners.  The dirt and gold co-exist, but how deep do we dig and what are we looking for in others?  Relationships are built on mutual respect and love for one another, despite the differences we all have.
             Because I am so dependent on others, I often have to let go of 'my way' of thinking or otherwise I'd be a fault finder to someone else's way of doing something.  Jesus is the only one who has lived this life perfectly.  He is our role model, and no one else.  We must humble ourselves because the moment you think you've got it all together, is the moment you just lost it.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Atlanta to Myrtle beach to Nashville

Georgia Aquarium.....Atlanta

Crabby Mikes in Myrtle beach

Candy store
25,000 pieces of candy in this sign

to be continued.....