Sunday, September 29, 2013

Did You Hear?

Mark 4:9

    Well, it takes more than big ears to really hear things.  Of course, we need the ability to hear but it also requires our undivided attention.  We are so easily distracted that our concentration wavers at even the littlest of things.  The noise of the world can deafen us so that we can't hear God's whispers or screams.
     What if I wrote about the same thing every day in my blog and used the same picture, wouldn't you want something new and different?  Some people say they don't need to go to church because they claim to have heard it all before.  If that is true then they should be as close to 'perfect' as you can get but 'know it all' people are far from that. 'The eye is not satisfied with seeing, but is weary of seeing always the same sight, and covets novelty and variety. The ear is fond, at first, of a pleasant song or tune, but soon nauseates it, and must have another; both are surfeited, but neither satiated, and what was most grateful becomes ungrateful.'
     Romans 10:17  'Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.''  When we hear the gospel, we should be convicted in our hearts.  Just as we develop in our lives from child to adult, our faith builds the more we hear, learn and put into action the message of Christ.
    'To truly hear, you must quiet the mind'.  Have you ever said, 'I can't even hear myself think?'  Tune out the world and find your own quiet space to have a heart to heart with God.