Thursday, January 16, 2014

Eating Healthier?

Family Circus

     I wouldn't call myself a healthy eater by choice.  When I was younger, I often came home from school and ate DingDongs, nachos, or 4 to 6 pecan twirls.  I've never been a big fan of rabbit food, aka salad, either.  Now I avoid lettuce on everything due to my difficulty in swallowing it.  Also, I'm not a big fruit eater. I like a few good peaches and bananas every once in a while.
    Well maybe I've turned a corner in my life by circumstances out of my control.  My swallowing test the other day recommended 'pureed foods' added to my diet.  So I bought a NutriBullet.  I'm just in the beginning of trying different things but so far so good.  My friend, Gloria, came over today and made me her version of a smoothie with greek yogurt.  Yesterday, I pureed Wendy's chili and could now eat what I had once given up.  I hope to add more things back into my food list with this new approach.
     May we all be willing to try new approaches to how we do things because it may be of benefit.  Yes I'm going to try 'salad' or spinach in a smoothie......soon.