Saturday, February 25, 2012


      I go to a church where music lessons are offered at no charge.  The talent over there is overwhelming to say the least. I go first in the recitals so I don't have to follow anyone, lol.  I have taken hammer dulcimer lessons for a few years now.  I don't consider myself to have a talent for it so I try to make up for it with effort. I enjoy it and I think it shows an example of working thru your limitations to others. 
       A woman at church, who is 95 this year, has a talent for sewing. She has shared that talent most of her life by making pillows and lap quilts for others.  Age hasn't stopped her so what's stopping you?
       We all have something to offer. I think we are often hindered when we compare ourselves to others.  Would Celine Dion sound so special if we could all sing like her?  Whatever your talent is, share it with others.  You may have to branch out and try something new to find a hidden talent you never knew you had.  I took a risk with this blog and as pitiful as it started, it has become my new favorite hobby.  Things may take a little time to develop because most of us aren't born prodigys, we have to work at it.