Friday, July 6, 2012



     Do you think it's possible for any of us to really master patience?  I think I'm a patient person until something makes me impatient and then I'm back to ground zero.  Why are we in such a hurry?  We think we've got places to go, things to do and people to see.
     I can tell you every time I travel, I'm reminded why I'm not a traveler.  Oh I like to go to new places, it's the getting there that drains my patience allotment.  As we were at a standstill on I-40 from Memphis the other day, I had a whole conversation in my head about what I'd like to say to the highway department.  'I can't remember a time in my whole life that a drive to and from Memphis has been pleasant,' 'How come other states have night workers and we don't?'  Anyways, you can see how the mind can dwell on the negative.  My mind should have been on just getting home safely, instead of quickly.
     My patience has also been tested this week by being sick.  You can get sick at the drop of a hat but the healing process is a waiting game that drags on and on.  I'm resting, taking meds and have a prayer circle in place so when is it going to be over?
    As pointed out today, we need stops and pauses in our lives.  Just as stoplights and yield signs slow us down, so do trials in our lives.  We need those paused moments to let off on the accelerator of life and look to the One who controls it all.