Thursday, May 22, 2014

Trust in Who?

My ♥? He is that❣

              In God alone do I trust, but I do get attached to people who have helped me fight my battles. So I'm feeling down about losing a part of my army of angels around me, not in death but just as a part of life's changes.
             Today was a reminder that I am dependent on God alone and that His work is done thru different people at different times.  I got the devastating news today that my doctor of the past 13 years is taking on a new job and cannot be my physician if I were in the hospital.  Yes this has rocked my world into tears.  I cannot let fear of the unknown upset me so, because God knows what lies ahead and He has control of it.
            Yes I can face all of my tomorrows because I know Who holds my hand.  May my doubts be overwhelmed by His grace and mercy as He leads me along the right path.