Tuesday, February 28, 2012

March Prayer Requests



1. Wisdom and courage as yet another church discipline (this time, here in Esbjerg) issue has come up that I am trying to deal with.
2. Endurance for Hansy these last two months of the pregnancy.
3. Evangelistic DVD outreach. We are looking at passing out a new DVD which presents the gospel of repentance and faith clearly to all the college students here in Esbjerg. (http://www.wretchedradio.com/biggestproject/)


We have begun some major remodeling and construction projects on the main camp buildings.  They involve enlarging the women’s bathroom and eventually, adding 12 new family apartments for our large camps.  We need to have these at least semi-completed before our next large family camp (the beginning of April).  Please pray that the Lord would provide for us all the help we need to finish these projects on time.
Pray for the preparation of numerous Bible teachings for this Easter camp—so that the Lord would guide each one of the various teachers as they prepare, and that the result would be great growth and edification in the lives of the believers who attend the camp.

Please continue to pray for the new believers in our church.  Pray that this would be a year of deep spiritual growth in their lives.


We have written in the past concerning Sara, who knows the Lord and attends the church with her 4 children.  She and her family have suffered greatly because of the actions of her husband, Leonard.    For the last 2 years, he has been very negative towards hearing the word of God or having any kind of relationship with us.  Last Tuesday, however, I visited alone with him for several hours.  I left him a couple of evangelistic movies to watch and am praying that God will humble his heart to hear the gospel.  His wife let me know that he watched one of the movies very intently.  Tomorrow I plan to have breakfast with Leonard and share the gospel with him.  Pray with us that he will either start reading the Bible on his own or begin am evangelistic study with me.   Romans 10:17 “So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.”

Freddy and Eileen first heard about Christ through Florencio and Eusebia, who encouraged them to participate in a Bible study with us.  Freddy and Eileen’s work schedules and activities have made it difficult for the study to be consistent.  Pray with us that God will use His word to bring faith to their hearts.  This last Friday we studied through the first half of John 1.  Freddy appears somewhat skeptical but is listening; Eileen absorbing it all up like a sponge.


1.    Rejoicing that a House of Hope prodigal son has come home. He left because he wanted to be “free” but he ended up becoming enslaved by vices. Last week he came by to beg for money for food. I told him that he should come back to live at the House of Hope. He said “yes” and is back. Please pray that Kitisak would fully surrender his life to the Lord!

2.    Pray for Bobby and Namatha’s health as they get ready for their states side trip which begins on March 6. Pray for their health. The family has been battling flu like symptoms for a couple weeks already!


Praise for a God-honoring, very successful first attempt to hold a teenage winter retreat.  We had prayed for snow and cold weather in order to do broom ball down on the lake and do to other winter activities.  God answered as the snow was too deep to get down to the lake with a vehicle and it was so cold we couldn't walk them down as it was the coldest day of the year with temps hovering around 0 degrees.  But the teaching of the Word, the godly counsel of excellent adult counselors and the fellowship around the 2 different blazing fireplaces was so precious.  All but 2 of the girls in the bunkhouse responded overwhelmingly in testimonies to God working in them.  The guys also had great response to the Word.  Praise His Name!!
Most urgent request:  the need to build the new dining hall is urgent as we could barely get the 32 campers and 12 counselor/speakers into our meeting room(certainly couldn't feed them on the patio as we do in the summer).  Our summer camps are much larger so the need is pressing.   We are just a little short of funds to begin.  Also need volunteer cement finishers and much earth moving to lay the foundation. 
Next request: volunteer college-age counselors and speakers for summer camps.


(1)    For Camille and Francis, who are learning to read and write Glaro.  They are both having difficulty writing Glaro right now, but I’m not too concerned about it b/c they are in the very early stages of learning how to identify and write the tones of their mother tongue.  Pray that they would be able to do this as the weeks progress.  (We three and BK get together 2x/week --- Friday mornings and Sunday afternoons, for about an hour each time.)
(2)    For Claudine, who told me that she wants to learn how to read and write Glaro again (she was in the class in 2001, but said she’s forgotten everything she learned…).  I’ve invited her to join us on Fridays and Sundays.  Pray that she will.  I’m hoping that if these three could become proficient in reading and writing Glaro that, in the future, I could pull them into my work of translation in some capacity, which would be a tremendous help to me.