Saturday, May 17, 2014

Snow White Ballet

                Last night, I went to see the ballet 'Snow White' at the Arkansas Arts Center with my mom and Charlene.  It was wonderful.  We were able to stay for the whole performance, unlike last time with 'Aladdin.'  We had great seats and were just in awe of both the costumes and the elegant dancing.
               Grace, the beautiful ballerina, had three different roles in the play.  She was a Snow Drop Fairy, a Weeping Willow, and another character that I forget the name of.  She did great in all of them and I look forward to seeing her ballet talent grow with years to come.
              At 19, Callie is beyond her years as the costume designer for the whole play.  She drew out all of the costume designs before going to college, then after finishing her semester, she and her mom sewed the costumes together in a very short time period.  The costumes are very intricately made with beads, lace, ribbon and more to make them sparkle on stage.  The costumes make the ballet just come together and help exemplify the good and evil of the characters.
             Job well done girls and to the cast and crew of 'Snow White.'  A special shout out to September Rew, their mom and the ballet's wardrobe manager, for all her hard work.