Thursday, January 26, 2012

Led by the Heart

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     Sometimes the heart and mind don't always agree. I can't say you should always go with one over the other.  They usually both have compelling arguements. They are both vulnerable to being swayed by worldly thoughts so it's important to seek wisdom to make sure it's in accordance with God's word.
     My story didn't involve too much of that advice but it worked out.  I knew I wanted to be a pharmacist since 11th grade. I planned my high school classes and college career towards that goal.  What I didn't expect was that the Navy would interfere with that plan.  I applied and got accepted twice to the pharmacy program here in LR.  I had to make a choice both times on whether a career or a relationship was more important to me.  If you could summarize my life in one word, it would be 'adaptation.'  I followed my heart and changed career paths.  Some might say I missed the money train but I don't think money is what life's all about.  I still agree with my heart's decisions.  I think my career worked out better anyways with the physical adaptations I've had to make.  So in this bout, the heart and mind both won.
     Sometimes the heart has reasons that reason doesn't understand.