Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's a God Thing

    Have you ever felt the flame of the fire without getting burned?  I think God lets us know we've done wrong as a warning without pouring all of His wrath upon us.  His mercy is defined as withholding what we deserve and we should be grateful.
    So let us rewind down memory lane back to my Levy cruising days.  Let me just preface this as a one time learned lesson, not a habit repeated.  My two friends and I were in the front seat of my Honda Prelude with bucket seats.  We got pulled over by a cop and found out it was illegal to have three people in the front seat.  Who knew?  Well we all had to exit the vehicle so he could look in the car.  Well on this one night, we had split a wine cooler between us.  We were all thinking about the trouble we'd be in if he found it.  It was a 'God thing' of mercy that the empty bottle had rolled out of sight way up under the driver' seat.  Oh yeah, I felt the heat because I did get a ticket and had to go to court but I didn't get burned.
     Mercy is priceless.