Friday, December 9, 2011

12 Christmas Prayers

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       I read the Daily Bread today and it posed the question of what would you ask for if God directly asked you, like Solomon, what you wanted from Him.  That's a tough question and I doubt I would be as wise as Solomon. Good health seems like a good answer but it's a temporary solution for part of this life. Aren't we already promised that in our new bodies in heaven?  The 12 prayer requests above not only help us, helps us with others and gives thanks to our Lord.  We ask for guidance from above and here the verses tell us exactly what we need from Him.  God is transforming us every day into His likeness and these verses guide us by beginning with 'let us be' what He desires for us. These 12 prayers will help us to reach our ultimate goal of eternity with Christ, while we wait here on earth.