Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Take Out Luncheon

       Well I haven't been 'out' to eat since October but that doesn't mean I haven't had take out by any means.  I do love to order out.  I have missed eating out with friends because it's more about the fellowship than the food.
        So today I planned a takeout luncheon here in the basement with 3 close friends.. Karla, Gloria and Cathy.  We all love Mexican food so I chose Santo Coyote as the restaurant to order from.  My dad was kind enough to go get our food so that we didn't have to get out on this blustery cold day.
       We had a good 2 hour visit with no cough interruptions.  I was pleased because even tho I am still weaker than I'd prefer, the Lord gave me strength when I needed it most.  I am also pleased to have a friend to set up our luncheon and friends willing to come over despite the cold temperatures.  Friends are a treasure and I've hit the ultimate gold mine with mine.