Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On Your Side

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     How good are you at being still? It's not an easy thing to do in our fast paced worlds that are fiilled with a million activities. Yes, there is and always will be something that could be done. We even make lists but being still a little while should be on there too. Sometimes God will use sickness, injury or whatever means to slow us down. Do we use that time wisely tho? Down time can turn into prayer time, bible reading time, meditation on your blessings time, etc. As this verse from Exodus points out, you are not alone God is on your side fighting for you. 'You need only to be still' means you need to quit running around trying to fix it yourself. Just calm yourself down and pray about it. Even Jesus sought out time to be alone, to be still and to pray.
    So go spend some quiet time by yourself and just be still while God fights for you.