Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sweet Sleep

Sleep quote

        A good night's sleep has been a rare occasion for me in the past year or so.  Yes, I'm a clock watcher and a superb subtractor.  I really do think time passes at a snail's pace in the wee hours of the night when one is wide awake.
        Finally, this week I've been given two sources of pressure pain relief so that I can sleep.  The first relief was an ointment that Karla had used on other clients for pressure points.  The redness of my skin was helped immediately...yeah.  The second form of relief was a new remote for my bed.  I can now adjust myself with a push of a button, even in the middle of the night.
        This may seem trivial to some, but sweet sleep is something we often take for granted.  I hope my days of dreading the night hours are over.  I hope 'Sleepy Town' will be a pleasant place to visit for more than an hour or two.