Monday, August 29, 2011

If You Don't..

     I was watching 60 Minutes last night on a story about 'Gospel for Teens.'  It's an after-school program on music for teens in Harlem, NY. The teens must audition to get into the program. Some teens have no family support or encouragement on what they are doing. One supportive couple said, 'If you don't raise your children, something else will...gangs, drugs, the streets.'  How true is that? VERY. Kids of any age are looking to be accepted and to belong to something, family should be first. Not only should you have demands and expectations of your kids, they have them of you as parents too. Don't let them down. Just like the theme of the song 'The Cat's in the Cradle' reminds us... if you don't make time for your child now, they won't make time for you later.
     Family dinners together. Know who they're with and where they are. It's all a part of being present in their lives. The dad in the show said, 'Someday when my kids look back, they're going to know I was there.'